The set of equipment for the production of rubber tiles ARFC MASSIVE allows to produce a whole range of rubber coatings. ARFC MASSIVE is the most popular set of equipment among our customers; this set allows to produce up to 12 different products based on crumb rubber, including seamless sports flooring.

Productivity of set of equipment ARFC - MASSIVE is up to 100 square meters per shift. We minimized costs for electricity; the average power consumption is less 7 kW per hour. For production of rubber tiles using a set of equipment ARFC - MASSIVE you will need a room with an average area about 150 square meters and staff of 3 - 4 people.

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Package of ARFC - MASSIVE

1. Hydraulic press - 1 pcs.

2. Carts for molds - 10 pcs.

3. Mixer for the preparation of raw materials - 6 pcs.

4. Stand for mixer - 6 pcs.

5. Moulding table - 2 pcs.

6. Molds - 100 pcs.

7. Increased heat chamber - 1 pcs.

8. Temperature sensor - 1 pcs.

9. Extractor hood - 1 pcs.

10. Panel for temperature control - 1 pcs.

11. Matrix for making technological apertures in the tiles - 1 pcs.

12. Libra - 4 pcs.

13. Installation tools - one set.

14. Tools - one set.

15. Stand for products - 1 pcs.

16. Technological passport.

17. Educational videos, documents (technology and recipes).

Production of rubber crumb, machines for the production of rubber tilesFor us it is very important to reach long-term cooperation, but also the opportunity to make available the expertise and information support to potential partners and customers. In order to examine in more detail the characteristics of the line ARFC - MASSIVE and get the commercial part, we suggest you to make a request to our company.