Waste tire recycling machine/Crumb rubber plant/rubber processing machinery

Line for processing tires into rubber crumb ATR - 1000 is automatic line designed for recycling worn passenger and truck tires and other technical products. The line can process up to 6000 tonnes of tires per year and produce up to 3500 tons of crumb rubber.

Tire Recycling Plant ALPHA TIRE RECYCLING - 1000 (abbreviated ATR-1000) has a high build quality, reliability and high performance. ATR - 1000 is a plant related to the class of highly profitable equipment.

The technological process of recycling tires and MRG line ATR - 1000

Stage 1: Preparing the tires to crushing. At this stage, the tile pass visual inspection for foreign substances (nails, shards, stones, thorns, etc.), then there is cutting truck tires into fragments at the shears alligator type, with passenger tires are served whole. In the following fragments produced tires for conveyor fed into the hopper of crushing.

Stage 2: Splitting up the final fractions and removal of impurities. At this stage, the gradual grinding chips in crumb rubber, as well as the removal of textile and metal chips division into factions.


The main characteristics of the line ATR - 1000

Electric power

250 kW

The average level of power consumption

120 kW / h

Performance inlet line

to 1000 kg feed / hour

Performance line outlet (medium depends on the feed composition)

700 kg of chips / hour 
4 fractions from 0 to 6 mm

Out of textile cord

120 kg / hour

The output of the metal cord

180 kg / hour

The annual processing capacity of the tire when loading 300 days a year, 20 hours a day

Up to 6 000 tonnes

The maximum size of recycled tires


Number of staff per shift

4 - 5 people

Requirements for premises

Occupied area (excluding storage area)

150 sq.m.


4, 5m


4, 5m


22 m

The recommended mode of operation of the line "ATR - 1000"

2 shifts of 8-10 hours

Temperature conditions

from 0 to 40

Layout of ATR - 1000

Manufacture of rubber crumb

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