Plant for processing of tires from the company "Alfa-SPK"

Compact tire recycling plant ATR-300 is the perfect solution in price and quality. It is suitable as for companies located in smaller towns, as well as enterprises producing rubber tiles.

Productivity and compactness of the ATR-300 allows to establish it in the small production room and to carry out processing of worn-out tires in the small cities and settlements. Making to 300 kilograms of a rubber crumb an hour, processing cargo and automobile tire covers, this line will allow you to take with ease the leading positions in the region, having provided high profitability, fast payback and the guaranteed release of a high-quality and demanded rubber crumb.

The plant ATR-300 doesn't demand big expenses of energy, has small dimensions. For full process of processing of tires you need only 2 - 3 people of the personnel.

Compact tire recycling plant ATR-300

Technical specifications and requirements for the line ATR 300

Requirements for premises

Occupied area (excluding storage area)

80 sq.m.


4 m


4 m



Temperature conditions

0 to + 40C °

Electric power (required)

160 kW

The average level of power consumption

80 kW / h

Performance inlet line

500 kg feed / hour

Performance line output (average)

350 kg of crumb / hour

3 fraction from 0 to 5 mm

Out of textile cord

60 kg / h

The output of the metal cord

90 kg / h

The annual processing capacity of the tire when loading 300 days a year, 20 hours a day

Up to 4 000 tons of tires

The maximum diameter of the tire

1200 mm

Number of staff per shift

2-3 persons

 Layout of ATR - 300

Line for recycling tires

 ATR 300 is the best solution for those, who wants to get a high-quality equipment with reasonable price!



Mini tire recycling plant ATR-300