High-Performance Tire Recycling Plant ATR-300

The ATR-300 is the perfect solution for businesses seeking a high-quality, compact, and affordable tire recycling plant. This versatile system is ideal for companies located in smaller towns or those producing rubber tiles in-house.

Key benefits of the ATR-300:

  • Space-saving design: The compact footprint (80 sq m) allows for easy installation in smaller production areas.
  • Cost-effective operation: Low energy consumption (average 80 kW/h) and minimal staffing requirements (2-3 people) keep operating costs low.
  • High productivity: Process up to 500 kg of tires per hour, producing 350 kg/h of high-quality rubber crumb in three fractions (0-5 mm).
  • Versatile processing: Handles both car and truck tires with a maximum diameter of 1200 mm.
  • Profitable investment: Separates and recovers valuable steel and textile cord (60 kg/h and 90 kg/h respectively) for additional revenue streams.
  • Fast payback period: The high processing capacity (up to 4,000 tons of tires annually) and efficient operation contribute to a rapid return on investment.
  • Simple operation: The ATR-300 requires minimal setup and maintenance, ensuring smooth operation.

Compact tire recycling plant ATR-300


Technical Specifications of ATR-300



Required Space (excluding storage)

80 m2


4 meters


4 meters


18 meters

Temperature Range

0 to 40°C

Power Requirements

160 kW (average consumption 80 kW/h)

Input Capacity

500 kg/h

Output Capacity (Rubber Crumb)

350 kg/h (3 fractions)

Textile Cord Output

60 kg/h

Metal Cord Output

90 kg/h

Annual Processing Capacity

Up to 4,000 tons

Maximum Tire Diameter

1,200 mm

Staffing Requirements

2-3 people per shift


Drawing of ATR-300 Layout

Line for recycling tires

The ATR-300 is the smart choice for businesses looking to enter the tire recycling industry or expand their existing operations. Contact us today to learn more about this innovative and cost-effective solution!



Mini tire recycling plant ATR-300